APO Grid Functions

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sapgui_apogrid_clear_selection Deselects all selected cells.
sapgui_apogrid_deselect_cell Deselects a specific cell.
sapgui_apogrid_deselect_column Deselects a specific column.
sapgui_apogrid_deselect_row Deselects a specific row.
sapgui_apogrid_double_click Double clicks inside an APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_get_cell_data Gets the data from a specific APO grid cell.
sapgui_apogrid_get_cell_format Gets the format of the specified APO grid cell.
sapgui_apogrid_get_cell_tooltip Gets the tooltip of the specified APO grid cell.
sapgui_apogrid_is_cell_changeable Checks whether the specified cell is editable.
sapgui_apogrid_open_cell_context_menu Opens a context menu in the specified cell.
sapgui_apogrid_press_ENTER Presses enter in an APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_scroll_to_column Scrolls to a specified column within the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_scroll_to_row Scrolls to a specified row within the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_select_all Selects all cells in the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_select_cell Selects a cell in the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_select_column Selects a column in the APO grid.

Selects an item in the context menu of an APO Grid.

sapgui_apogrid_select_row Selects a row in the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_set_cell_data Sets the data in the specified APO grid cell.

For a complete list, see the Alphabetical listing of SAP Functions.