Alphabetical listing of SAP Functions

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sapgui_active_object_from_parent_methodSelects an object within a parent object by calling the parent's method.
sapgui_active_object_from_parent_propertySelects an object that is a property of a parent object.
sapgui_apogrid_clear_selectionDeselects all selected cells.
sapgui_apogrid_deselect_cellDeselects a specific cell.
sapgui_apogrid_deselect_columnDeselects a specific column.
sapgui_apogrid_deselect_rowDeselects a specific row.
sapgui_apogrid_double_clickDouble clicks inside an APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_get_cell_dataGets the data from a specific APO grid cell.
sapgui_apogrid_get_cell_formatGets the format of the specified APO grid cell.
sapgui_apogrid_get_cell_tooltipGets the tooltip of the specified APO grid cell.
sapgui_apogrid_is_cell_changeableChecks whether the specified cell is editable.
sapgui_apogrid_open_cell_context_menuOpens a context menu in the specified cell.
sapgui_apogrid_press_ENTERPresses enter in an APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_scroll_to_columnScrolls to a specified column within the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_scroll_to_rowScrolls to a specified row within the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_select_allSelects all cells in the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_select_cellSelects a cell in the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_select_columnSelects a column in the APO grid.

Selects an item in the context menu of an APO Grid.

sapgui_apogrid_select_rowSelects a row in the APO grid.
sapgui_apogrid_set_cell_dataSets the data in the specified APO grid cell.
sapgui_calendar_focus_dateSets the focus on a specific date.
sapgui_calendar_scroll_to_dateScrolls to a specific date in the calendar.
sapgui_calendar_select_intervalSelects a range of dates within the calendar.
sapgui_call_methodInvokes a method of a SAP object.
sapgui_call_method_exInvokes a method of a SAP object and saves the return value as a parameter.
sapgui_call_method_of_active_objectInvokes a method of the active object.
sapgui_call_method_of_active_object_exInvokes a method of the active object and saves the return value to a parameter.
sapgui_create_new_sessionCreates a new SAP session.
sapgui_get_active_window_titleGets the title of the active window.
sapgui_get_ok_codeRetrieves the Command field text.
sapgui_get_propertyGets the property of a SAP object.
sapgui_get_property_of_active_objectRetrieves a property of the active object.
sapgui_get_status_bar_textGets the text in the status bar.
sapgui_get_textGets the text from an object.
sapgui_grid_clear_selectionClears a selection in a grid.
sapgui_grid_clickClicks within a grid.
sapgui_grid_click_current_cellClicks within a grid on active cell.
sapgui_grid_deselect_columnDeselects a column in a grid
sapgui_grid_double_clickDouble-clicks within a grid.
sapgui_grid_double_click_current_cellDouble-clicks within a grid on active cell.
sapgui_grid_fill_dataEnter table data parameter in a grid.
sapgui_grid_get_cell_dataRetrieves the text from a grid cell.
sapgui_grid_get_columns_countRetrieves the number of columns in the grid.
sapgui_grid_get_current_cell_columnRetrieves the column number of a grid's current cell.
sapgui_grid_get_current_cell_rowRetrieves the row number of a grid's current cell.
sapgui_grid_get_rows_countRetrieves the number of rows in the grid.
sapgui_grid_is_checkbox_selectedChecks the state of a checkbox in a grid.
sapgui_grid_open_context_menuRight clicks in a grid to open a context menu.
sapgui_grid_press_buttonClicks a button in a grid cell.
sapgui_grid_press_button_current_cellClicks a button in active grid cell.
sapgui_grid_press_column_headerPresses the column header of a grid.
sapgui_grid_press_ENTERPresses ENTER within a grid.
sapgui_grid_press_F1Presses F1 within a grid.
sapgui_grid_press_F4Presses F4 within a grid.
sapgui_grid_press_toolbar_buttonClicks a toolbar button in a grid.
sapgui_grid_press_toolbar_context_buttonClicks a toolbar context button in a grid.
sapgui_grid_press_total_rowClicks the total row area in a grid.
sapgui_grid_press_total_row_current_cellClicks the total row area in active cell in grid.
sapgui_grid_scroll_to_rowScrolls to a row in a grid.
sapgui_grid_select_allSelects the entire grid.
sapgui_grid_select_cellSelects a cell in a grid.
sapgui_grid_select_cell_columnSelects a cell in the specified column of the current row.
sapgui_grid_select_cell_rowSelects a cell in the specified row of the current column.
sapgui_grid_select_cellsSelects cells in a grid.
sapgui_grid_select_columnSelects one column in a grid.
sapgui_grid_select_columnsSelects columns in a grid.
sapgui_grid_select_context_menuSelects a context menu in a grid.
sapgui_grid_select_rowsSelects rows in a grid.
sapgui_grid_select_toolbar_menuSelects a toolbar menu in a grid.
sapgui_grid_selection_changedChecks if the data in the selection has changed.
sapgui_grid_set_cell_dataInserts text into a grid cell.
sapgui_grid_set_checkboxSelects or clears a grid checkbox.
sapgui_grid_set_column_orderSets the column order in a grid.
sapgui_grid_set_column_widthSets the width of a grid column.
sapgui_htmlviewer_dom_get_propertyEvaluates a DOM query on the web page contained inside the SAP application.
sapgui_htmlviewer_send_eventSends an event to the HTML Viewer.
sapgui_is_checkbox_selectedChecks if a checkbox is selected.
sapgui_is_object_changeableChecks if an object is enabled and writable.
sapgui_is_radio_button_selectedChecks if a radio button is selected.
sapgui_is_tab_selectedChecks if a tab is selected.
sapgui_is_object_changeableChecks if an object is enabled and writable.
sapgui_is_object_availableChecks if an object exists.
sapgui_logonLogs on to a SAP server.
sapgui_open_connectionOpens a connection to the specified SAP server.
sapgui_open_connection_exOpens a connection to the SAP server specified by a connection string.
sapgui_press_buttonPresses a button.
sapgui_select_active_connectionSets the specified connection as the active connection.
sapgui_select_active_sessionSets the active SAP session.
sapgui_select_active_windowSets the specified window as the active window.
sapgui_select_combobox_entrySelects a combo box entry.
sapgui_select_menuSelects the specified menu.
sapgui_select_radio_buttonSelects a radio button.
sapgui_select_tabSelects a tab.
sapgui_send_vkeySends a virtual key.
sapgui_set_checkboxSelects or clears a checkbox.
sapgui_set_collection_propertySets the property of a object of type SAP GuiCollection.
sapgui_set_focusSets the focus to the specified object.
sapgui_set_ok_codeSets the Command field text.
sapgui_set_passwordSets the text of the password field.
sapgui_set_propertySets the property of a SAP object.
sapgui_set_property_of_active_objectSets a property of the active object.
sapgui_set_textInserts text into a text box.
sapgui_status_bar_get_paramGets a parameter from the status bar.
sapgui_status_bar_get_textGets text from the status bar.
sapgui_status_bar_get_typeRetrieves status bar information: Success, Warning, or Error.
sapgui_table_fill_dataEnter table data parameter in table.
sapgui_table_get_column_widthGets the width of a table column.
sapgui_table_get_textRetrieves the text in a table cell.
sapgui_table_is_column_selectedChecks whether a table column is selected.
sapgui_table_is_checkbox_selectedChecks the state of a checkbox in a table.
sapgui_table_is_radio_button_selectedChecks the state of a radio button in a table.
sapgui_table_is_row_selectedChecks if a table row is selected.
sapgui_table_press_buttonPresses a button in a table.
sapgui_table_reorderReorders the columns in a table.
sapgui_table_select_combobox_entrySelects entry from list and inserts into a table cell.
sapgui_table_select_radio_buttonSelects a radio button in a table.
sapgui_table_set_checkboxChecks or clears a checkbox in a table.
sapgui_table_set_column_selectedSelects or deselects a table column.
sapgui_table_set_column_widthSelects a table column width.
sapgui_table_set_focusSets the focus to a table cell.
sapgui_table_set_passwordSets the password within a table.
sapgui_table_set_row_selectedSelects or unselects a row in a table.
sapgui_table_set_textInserts text into a table cell.
sapgui_text_edit_double_clickEmulates a mouse double click in the text edit control.
sapgui_text_edit_get_first_visible_lineGets the number of the first line.
sapgui_text_edit_get_number_of_unprotected_text_partsGets the number of unprotected text parts.
sapgui_text_edit_get_selection_index_startGets the start position of the selected text.
sapgui_text_edit_get_selection_index_endGets the end position of the selected text.
sapgui_text_edit_modified_status_changedChanges of the modified status of a text edit control.
sapgui_text_edit_multiple_files_droppedEmulates dropping files in the text edit control.
sapgui_text_edit_open_context_menuOpens context menu while text edit control has focus.
sapgui_text_edit_press_F1Emulates pressing the F1 key while text edit control has focus.
sapgui_text_edit_press_F4Emulates pressing the F4 key while text edit control has focus.

Scrolls to line in text edit control.

sapgui_text_edit_select_context_menuSelects an item from a shortcut menu.
sapgui_text_edit_set_selection_indexesSets the visually selected text range.
sapgui_text_edit_set_unprotected_text_partAssigns the text to the unprotected text part.
sapgui_text_edit_single_file_droppedEmulates dropping a file in the text edit control.
sapgui_toolbar_press_buttonPresses button on toolbar.
sapgui_toolbar_press_context_buttonPresses toolbar context button.
sapgui_toolbar_select_context_menu_itemSelects context menu item.
sapgui_toolbar_select_context_menu_item_by_textSelects context menu item.
sapgui_toolbar_select_menu_itemSelects toolbar menu item.
sapgui_toolbar_select_menu_item_by_textSelects toolbar menu item.
sapgui_tree_click_linkClicks a link in a tree.
sapgui_tree_collapse_nodeCollapses a tree node.
sapgui_tree_double_click_itemDouble-clicks a tree item.
sapgui_tree_double_click_nodeDouble-clicks a tree node.
sapgui_tree_expand_nodeExpands a tree node.
sapgui_tree_get_item_textGets the text of a tree item.
sapgui_tree_get_node_textGets the text of a tree node.
sapgui_tree_is_checkbox_selectedChecks if a tree check box is selected.
sapgui_tree_open_default_context_menuOpens a tree's default context sensitive menu.
sapgui_tree_open_header_context_menuOpens a tree header's context sensitive menu.
sapgui_tree_open_item_context_menuOpens an tree item's context sensitive menu.
sapgui_tree_open_node_context_menuOpens an tree node's context sensitive menu.
sapgui_tree_press_buttonClicks a button in a tree.
sapgui_tree_press_headerClicks on a column header in a tree.
sapgui_tree_press_keyPresses a key from within a tree.
sapgui_tree_scroll_to_itemScrolls to a tree item.
sapgui_tree_scroll_to_nodeScrolls to a tree node.
sapgui_tree_select_columnSelects a column in a tree.
sapgui_tree_select_context_menuSelects an item from a shortcut menu
sapgui_tree_select_itemSelects an item in a tree.
sapgui_tree_select_nodeSelects a node in a tree.
sapgui_tree_set_checkboxSelects or clears a tree checkbox.
sapgui_tree_set_column_orderSets order of columns in a tree.
sapgui_tree_set_column_widthSets the column width of a tree.
sapgui_tree_set_hierarchy_header_widthSets the width of the tree hierarchy.
sapgui_tree_set_selected_nodeSelects a node in a tree.
sapgui_tree_unselect_allCancels all selections in a tree.
sapgui_tree_unselect_columnCancels the selection of a tree column.
sapgui_tree_unselect_nodeCancels the selection of a tree node.
sapgui_window_closeCloses the SAP GUI.
sapgui_window_maximizeSets window to full screen size.
sapgui_window_resizeResizes a window to the specified size.
sapgui_window_restoreRestores the window to non-maximized state.
sapgui_window_scroll_to_rowScrolls to a row.