Example: sapgui_get_textVerification and Data Retrieval Functions

Retrieves text of a control.

int sapgui_get_text( const char *description, const char *controlID, const char *outParamName, [args,] LAST );
descriptionUser entered text to aid in understanding script
controlIDObject ID Strings
outParamNameParameter to store the retrieved text
argsOptional Arguments
LAST A marker indicating the end of the argument list. Not required if Optional Arguments are used.

The sapgui_get_text data retrieval function gets the text property of any visual screen object into the parameter outParamName.

For text boxes and menu items, sapgui_get_text retrieves the visible text. For toolbar buttons, the text is an empty string. For shells, the text is the class ID. Refer to the SAP documentation for more information about the text property of various controls.

Return Values

This function returns LR_PASS (0) on success or LR_FAIL (1) on failure.


You can parameterize all string (char type) arguments.