Miscellaneous Functions

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web_cache_cleanupClears the contents of the cache simulator.
web_convert_date_paramConverts a date string stored in a parameter to a different format.
web_convert_paramConverts an HTML parameter to a URL or text.
web_dump_cacheSave the Vuser cache to a file.
web_get_int_propertyReturns specific information about the previous HTTP request.
web_js_resetResets the JavaScript engine context for the Vuser.
web_js_runRuns the specified JavaScript.
web_load_cacheLoad the Vuser cache from a file.
web_report_data_pointSpecifies a data point and adds it to the test results.
web_sjis_to_euc_paramConverts an SJIS string to EUC and assigns it to a parameter.
web_set_sockets_optionSets an option for secure sockets.
web_websocket_closeCloses a WebSocket connection.
web_websocket_connectConnects to a WebSocket.
web_websocket_sendSends a message over a WebSocket connection.