Closes a WebSocket connection.

C Language

int web_websocket_close("ID=connection ID", ["Code=<4_digit_ code>",] [ "Reason=<reason for closure>",] LAST);
Example: web_websocket_connect, web_websocket_close, web_websocket_sendMiscellaneous Functions
IDThe ID of the connection to close.
CodeThe WebSocket connection close code. This can be an integer ranging from 1000 to 1011.
ReasonA string indicating the reason of the closure.
LAST Required marker for the end of the argument list.

web_websocket_close closes the WebSocket connection to the server with the specified ID. For a list of the callback functions, see WebSocket Callback Functions.

Return Values

This function returns LR_PASS (0) on success, and LR_FAIL (1) on failure.


Standard Parameterization is supported for all of this function's arguments.