Example: lrs_ascii_to_ebcdicConversion Functions

Converts buffer data from ASCII format to EBCDIC format.

char *lrs_ascii_to_ebcdic( char *s_desc, char *buff, long length );
s_desc A descriptor identifying a socket.
buff A pointer to the buffer.
length The buffer length.

The lrs_ascii_to_ebcdic function converts binary buffer data from ASCII format to EBCDIC format. The translated buffer is stored in the internal buffer (User Buffer), in ebcdic format. To retrieve the contents of the buffer, use lrs_get_user_buffer. To determine the size of the buffer, use lrs_get_user_buffer_size.

Note that the following functions overwrite the same internal buffer (user buffer):

In all of the above user buffer functions (except lrs_decimal_to_hex_string), use lrs_get_user_buffer_size to determine the actual buffer size before printing the buffer contents. Do not retrieve the entire buffer using a -1 as the length argument, and then try to print its contents. The reason for this is that VuGen may misinterpret the NULL characters within the buffer as a terminating string. Print functions include all the Message Functions such as lr_output_message.

Return Values

If this function fails, it returns NULL. If it succeeds, it returns a pointer to the converted buffer. You can also retrieve the converted buffer using lrs_get_user_buffer .


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.