Example: lrs_decimal_to_hex_stringConversion Functions

Converts an integer into a HEX string.

char*  lrs_decimal_to_hex_string( char* s_desc, char* buf, long length );
s_desc A descriptor identifying an unbound socket.
buf A pointer to the buffer containing the decimal string.
length The length of the string.

The lrs_decimal_to_hex_string function converts an integer into a hexadecimal string. For example, if a string appears as 4, this function converts it to \x04.

The translated buffer is stored in the internal user buffer. To retrieve the contents of the buffer, use lrs_get_user_buffer. To determine the size of the buffer, use lrs_get_user_buffer_size .

Note that the following functions overwrite the same internal buffer (user buffer):

Return Values

Windows Sockets Return Values


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.