change the location of a slice


accurev chslice -s <slice-number> -l <new-location> 


Note: Before changing the location of a slice, consult A Word of Caution on Windows Zip Utilities in the AccuRev Admin Guide.

The chslice command registers with AccuRev the fact that a slice of the AccuRev repository has changed location. However, chslice does not physically move the slice. Before using chslice, you must move the slice yourself, using operating system commands such as tar (UNIX/Linux) or xcopy (Windows). See Entity Names for information on slice pathnames.

Using ‘chslice’ with a Replicated Repository

In a replication environment, there are several instances of the same repository — a single master repository, along with one or more replica repositories. Each instance of the repository has its own set of depot slice locations. A given chslice command is processed by the AccuRev Server process on a particular machine, and the command affects only the repository instance on that machine.

The locations of a repository’s depot slices are stored in the slices table in the site schema of the AccuRev database.

See Replication of the AccuRev Repository in the AccuRev Admin Guide.


-s <slice>

Specify the number of the slice to be changed. Use the show depots command to list the repository’s depots and the corresponding slice numbers. Use the show slices command to list the current locations of the repository’s slices.

-l <new-location>

Specify the pathname where you have moved the slice. This must be an absolute pathname, local to the AccuRev server machine. It cannot be a network pathname, such as a Windows UNC pathname. Be sure to enclose the pathname in quotes if it contains a SPACE character (such as C:\Program Files\accurev_storage\...).


Find out the slice number of the gizmo depot:

> accurev show depots
Depot       Depot#     Slice#
gizmo       14         14

Change the location of the gizmo depot’s slice:

> accurev chslice -s 14 -l /u1/ac_slices/gizmo

See Also

mkdepot, show (depots and slices)