create a new depot


accurev mkdepot -p <depot-name> [ -l <stg-loctn> ] [ -Ci | -Cs ] [ -ke ]


The mkdepot command creates a new AccuRev depot in a specified directory. It also creates the depot’s unique base stream, which can be used as the basis for other streams in the depot (see the mkstream reference page). See Entity Names for information on naming depots.

The depot’s physical location is said to be a new slice of the overall AccuRev repository. To change the location of an existing depot, use the chslice command.

Ideally, the files and subdirectories in a slice should be accessible only by the user identity under which the AccuRev Server runs. See Repository Access Permissions in the AccuRev Admin Guide.

The slice’s top-level directory must be located on storage that is local to the machine where the AccuRev Server is running. For more information, see Storage Layout in the AccuRev Admin Guide.

Case-Sensitivity of Depots

All depots store names of files and directories exactly as they are originally entered (e.g. WidgetGetCount or cmdListAll). Likewise, AccuRev’s CLI and GUI client programs display these names exactly as they were originally entered. The difference is that:

A case-sensitive depot (created with the -Cs option) allows users to create two objects (files or subdirectories) in the same directory, with names that differ only in their case (e.g. makefile and Makefile).

A case-insensitive depot (default, or created with -Ci) does not allow two objects in the same directory to have names that differ only in their case.

We strongly recommend that you make your depots case-insensitive, for compatibility with Microsoft Windows. Your team might not be using Windows right now, but think about the future. You cannot change an existing depot from case-sensitive to case-insensitive, or vice-versa.

Using ‘mkdepot’ with a Replicated Repository

New depots can be created only in the master repository, not in a replica repository. If a client using a replica repository issues a mkdepot command, an error occurs:

Cannot create a new depot on the replica server

See Replication of the AccuRev Repository in the AccuRev Admin Guide.


-p <depot-name>

Specify a name for the new depot. The name may begin with a digit (provided there is at least one non-digit in the name), must not begin with a dot (.), must not include either a slash (/) or a backslash (\) and must not be a name of digits.


(default) Case insensitive. Use on platforms that are not case sensitive (i.e. Windows) or in mixed environments, such as UNIX/Windows.


Case sensitive. Use only on platforms that are case sensitive (e.g. UNIX/Linux). But we recommend that you not use this option on any platform.

Note: A depot’s -C setting cannot be changed with a subsequent chdepot command.


Create a depot in which an exclusive file lock is placed on a file when any user, in any workspace, begins active development on it. See Serial Development through Exclusive File Locking in the AccuRev Concepts Guide.

Note: A depot’s -k setting can be changed with a subsequent chdepot command.

-l <storage-location>

Specify the full pathname of the directory where the depot’s slice is to be created. An error will occur if:

  • a file or a non-empty directory already exists at that pathname
  • the pathname contains a SPACE character (such as C:\Program Files\accurev_storage\...), and is not enclosed in quotes
  • the location specified is not on the local machine

Default: create the depot at a default location established at AccuRev installation time, typically <AccuRev-installation-dir>/storage/depots.


Create depot brass in the default location:

> accurev mkdepot -p brass

Create depot brass in an alternate location, with exclusive file locking enabled:

> accurev mkdepot -p brass -ke -l c:\accstore\brass

See Also

chdepot, chslice, mkstream, show (depots)