rename or relicense a user


accurev chuser { -kf | -kd | -kk } <principal-name> <new-name> 
[ -e <email_address> ] [ -s <ssh_public_key> ]


The chuser command changes the principal-name of an existing AccuRev user and/or changes the user’s AccuRev licensing. A principal name must start with a letter (a-z, A-Z); it can contain only letters, underscores, spaces, hyphens, periods, plus signs, the commercial at sign (@), and numbers.

Don’t confuse your AccuRev principal-name and password with the username and password maintained by the operating system. (The names and passwords can match, but they are two distinct data items.)

Note: After changing the principal-name with chuser, that user’s workspace(s) will still be appended with the principal-name that was in effect when the workspace was created. To change the workspace name to reflect the new principal-name, use the chws -s command. See chws for details.


-e <email_address>

Allows you to specify an email address for the user. The address length is limited to 256 characters.


(“full”) Change the user to be licensed for AccuRev, AccuWork, and GitCentric.


Change the user to be licensed for AccuWork only.


Create a user licensed for both GitCentric and AccuWork.

-s <ssh_public_key>

Allows you to specify an SSH public key for the user. When specifying the -s option:

Enter text characters only. If you are copying the SSH key from an file, for example, make sure not to introduce new-line characters or spaces.

You can omit the ssh-rsa string that appears before the key, and the email address that appears at the end of the key. If you choose to include these values, however, the entire argument for the -s option must be in double quotes. For example:
"ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADA..../tvfVdfO17me/Wh"

Note that ssh-rsa is assumed. If you are using ssh-dss, you must include the entire argument as shown in the preceding example, substituting ssh-dss for ssh-rsa.

A general discussion about the SSH protocol is beyond the scope of this document, so use a search engine with terms like 'SSH', and 'tutorial' for more information.


Rename a user:

> accurev chuser john_smith johnny

Change a user so that he can use AccuWork only.

> accurev chuser -kd kevin

See Also

mkuser, remove (user), show (users)