show access control list entries


accurev lsacl [ -fx ] { depot | stream } [ <depot-name> | <stream-name> ]


The lsacl command lists access control list entries (“ACL permissions”) that pertain to depots, or entries that pertain to streams. (For ACLs that pertain to individual elements, see the eacl command.) The keyword depot or stream is required. You can optionally restrict the listing to a particular depot or stream by specifying its name as the final command-line argument.

In the Group column of the listing:

  • authuser (b) indicates all users who have passwords.

  • anyuser (b) indicates all users who do not have passwords.

The (b) annotation makes it easy to distinguish these “built-in” user categories from individual named users.

The Inheritable column of the listing indicates whether or not the permission was created with the setacl command’s noinherit keyword (default) or the inherit keyword.



Display the results in XML format.

      Group="development users"


List the ACL permissions that pertain to all depots:

   > accurev lsacl depot

List the ACL permissions that pertain to the stream widget_tst:

   > accurev lsacl stream widget_tst

See Also

addmember , chpasswd , eacl, mkgroup, mkuser, setacl