change group membership


accurev addmember [(]<user-or-group-name>[)] <group-name(s)> 
accurev addmember [(]<user-or-group-name>[)] [ <users-or-groups> ] 
[ (<users-or-groups>) ] <group-name(s)>


The addmember command is used primarily to add one or more new members to a group or to multiple groups. The new members can be existing AccuRev usernames or existing groups. You can nest group membership to any number of levels. The group(s) that the member(s) are added to are listed at the end of the command; specify multiple groups as a comma-separated list (with no intervening spaces). Group names that contain spaces must be surrounded by double quotes.

An alternative use of the addmember command is to remove one or more members from a group or set of groups. The syntax for this command variant uses parentheses around each user or group to be removed. Items to be added or removed may be specified in any order on the command line.

AccuRev groups help to implement security through the access control list (ACL), and they also establish development roles.

Note: The addmember command is treated as a transaction. If any part of the operation fails, the entire operation fails and none of the specified groups are modified.


Add AccuRev user john_smith to AccuRev group eng:

   > accurev addmember john_smith eng

Create a new group, qagrp, and add it to the existing group eng:

   > accurev mkgroup qagrp
> accurev addmember qagrp eng

Add several AccuRev users and groups to existing group eng:

   > accurev addmember john james jenny project_qa eng

Add AccuRev user john_smith to AccuRev groups eng, QA Group, and G2:

   > accurev addmember john_smith eng,"QA Group",G2

Add and remove several AccuRev users and groups from existing group eng (the command shown removes the user john and the group project_qa, and adds the user joseph):

   > accurev addmember (john) (project_qa) joseph eng

Note: On UNIX/Linux systems, you will probably need to put backslashes ( \ ) before the parentheses to escape them for the shell:

   > accurev addmember \(john\) \(project_qa\) joseph eng

See Also

chgroup , lsacl, mkgroup, mkuser, rmmember, setacl, show (groups and members)