remove a user from a group


accurev rmmember <principal-name(s)> <group-name(s)> 


The rmmember command removes members (AccuRev users or groups) from AccuRev groups.

Specify multiple members to be removed by separating them with spaces. Specify multiple groups to be removed from by separating them with commas (with no intervening spaces). Group names that contain spaces must be surrounded by double quotes.

Note: The rmmember command is treated as a transaction. If any part of the operation fails, the entire operation fails and none of the specified groups are modified.


Remove AccuRev user john_smith from AccuRev group eng:

> accurev rmmember john_smith eng

Remove AccuRev user john_smith and AccuRev group qa2 from AccuRev groups eng and All Employees:

> accurev rmmember john_smith qa2 eng,"All Employees"

See Also

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