The Issue Form — "Changes" Subtab

The Changes subtab of an issue record's Issue form shows the change package of the issue record. You can invoke options to see the details of the change package's changes, maintain its entries, and view the transaction and version history of its elements.

For a detailed discussion of change packages, see Change Packages .

"Changes" Subtab Layout

The Changes subtab contains a table, each row displaying one "change package entry". A given element can have at most one entry in a change package — but this entry can "grow" over time, as development work continues on the element. The table includes these columns:

Element (or separate "Name" and "In Folder" columns)

The element's pathname within the depot.


The head version of the change package entry.

Basis Version

The basis version of the change package entry.

The head version and basis version are the "endpoints" of the change package entry. That is, the entry consists of all the versions between these two versions. (The head version is included; the basis version isn't.)

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Working in the "Changes" Subtab

The Changes subtab has options for modifying change package contents:


Deletes one or more selected entries from the change package.

Send to Issue

Copies one or more selected entries to another issue record's change package.

But the change package facility is designed so that most modifications to change packages occur as "side effects" to the Promote operation, by the change-package-level integration between AccuRev and AccuWork. (Change-Package-Level Integration between AccuRev and AccuWork.)

See also: Working with Tables

Options Available in the "Changes" Subtab


Deletes the selected entry(s) from the change package.

This change takes effect immediately — you cannot discard the change by closing the Issue form without invoking Save. (Removing change package entries does not enable the Save button in the edit-form toolbar.)

Diff Against Basis

(text-file elements only) Compares the entry's head version with the basis version. This shows exactly what changes to this element are included in the change package.

Show History

Open a History Browser tab, containing the transactions involving the selected element.

Browse Versions

Open a Version Browser tab, showing all the versions of the selected element, and their interrelationships (ancestry).

Send to Issue

Copies the selected entry(s) to another issue record's change package. If there's an existing entry for an element in a destination change package, an attempt is made to combine the existing entry with the entry you specified. The change(s) take place immediately in the destination issue record(s). There is no way to cancel the change(s) — but you can open the issue record(s) and Remove the entry(s).

The default query is executed, and the results are displayed in a dialog (see Send to Issue: Associating Changes with an Issue). You are prompted to choose one or more of the issue records selected by the query. You can also create a new issue record, whose number will be entered in the dialog.


Displays information about the selected element. The data items displayed vary with the type of element.

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