ALM Project Database Reference
User settings and third party data.

This table is used by ALM to save some user settings from session to session. For user filters and choices of columns to display, see the FAVORITES Table.

This table can also be used to implement data persistency by third party applications using the Open Test Architecture API or WorkFlow module scripts. This practice is recommended over use of external files unless the data to be saved is very large or too complex to be saved in a string.

The table is a two-level list of variables. The CSET_CATEGORY is the name of the list and can be any string. Each category can have any number of variables. The variable name is CSET_NAME.

The CSET_VALUE is the value of the variable. The format of the string is determined by the application using the variable.

 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
 CSET_IDThe record ID.int4   
Primary Key CSET_CATEGORYThe category name.varchar240   
Primary Key CSET_NAMEThe setting name.varchar240   
Primary Key CSET_OWNERThe user name of the user to whom the setting or definition applies.varchar240   
 CSET_VALUEThe value of the setting.varchar16  
 CSET_IS_SYSTEMFor future use.varchar1  
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