ALM Project Database Reference
td.EVENT_LOG Table
Records of events.
 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key EL_EVENT_IDThe record ID.int4   
 EL_CREATION_DATEThe time this log was created according to the database server clock.datetime4   
 EL_PROJECT_UIDThe unique ID of the project on which the event occurred.varchar36   
 EL_RESPONSIBLE_USERThe user that initiated the event. If applicable to the event, this can be "System" or a user name.varchar60   

The name of the event that was inserted to the event pool. For example: QC_createProject, QC_deleteProject, PC_startRun, PC_vuGenIntegrationFailed, and so on.


The general type of the event. Possible values are: N/A, Info, Warning, or Error.

 EL_SOURCEThe source application or extension of the event. For example,  N/A, QC, PC, and so on.varchar50   
 EL_CATEGORYThe category of the event. For example, N/A, System, Applicative, Security, and so on.varchar50   
 EL_MODULEThe module on which the event occurred.varchar50   
 EL_SUB_MODULEThe sub-module on which the event occurred.varchar50   
 EL_ACTIONThe operation this entry is related to. For example, Delete, Activate, Restore, and so on.varchar50   
 EL_CONTEXTThe context of the event. For example, Machine name, Run ID, Script name, Asynchronous task, Site Administration, and so on.varchar100   
 EL_DESCRIPTIONInformation on the event.varchar2000   

Indicates if the event can be deleted. The flag applies to deletes from the QC UI and by the QC system's purging job. "Y" or "N"


Link between multiple events with the same logical operator.

This identifier is the Context column in the detailed server log and can be used to filter messages.

For example:
Host:; or RunId: 3

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