ALM Project Database Reference
Permissions of users of this project on actions on fields entities of a central project. This table contains only permissions that are different from the defaults in SITE_ENTITIES.SIENT_DEFAULT_FIELD.

Central projects are generally encountered with integrations and extensions. Data belonging to the tool may be stored in one place and used in several ALM projects. The permissions on the central project may be different from one ALM project to another. Permissions on fields of central projects' entities are stored in this table.

Each permission field is bit mask that specifies the groups whose members have rights to perform the action. If bit X is set, the permission is granted to the group identified with GROUPS.GR_ID=X.

 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key SIFLD_SF_FIELD_NAMEThe name of the field in the central project. The name is unique because it is prefixed with the table name. The name matches the name n the SYSTEM_FIELD Table.varchar40   
 SIFLD_GRANT_MODIFYGroups whose members can modify the field.varchar512  
 SIFLD_OWNER_SENSIBLEGroups whose members can modify the field if they are the owner.varchar512  
 SIFLD_IS_VISIBLE_FOR_GROUPSGroups whose members can see the field in the user interface.varchar512  
 SIFLD_UDF_VERSIONThe number of times the properties of the user-defined field have been changed.int4  
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