ALM Site Administration API Reference
Getting Started

This explanation and the project examples use Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

Creating a Site Administration API application:

  1. To use this API, you need the SAClient Type Library registered on your workstation by running the Client Registration add-in. The add-in is on the ALM Tools page, accessed from the help drop-down menu in ALM.  For more details, see the information about registering on a workstation in the Application Lifecycle Management Installation Guide.
  2. Create a new standard EXE project by selecting File > New Project and "Standard EXE".
  3. Add a reference to the API by selecting Project > References, and choosing the SAClient Type Library - Application Lifecycle Management Site Administration API reference.
  4. For many applications, you will also need a reference to the OTA COM Type Library, which allows you to use the ALM Open Test Architecture API. Reference other libraries as appropriate for your application, like the Microsoft Scripting Runtime to support disk operations.
  5. Add code to connect and disconnect from the server before writing your application code.  See  the Login Method and the Logout Method.

The examples in this help assume you have such a project, and that it contains a form with a text box (Text1) and a command button (Command1).

To run the examples, modify them to fit your site. You will need to change the site-specific arguments, like server, domain, user, and password values, among others.