How to Run UFT One GUI Tests

When running UFT One GUI tests, consider the following:

  • To enable ALM to run GUI tests on a remote host, open the relevant application on the remote host and select the required option. For details, see UFT One help.

  • Before running a GUI test, ALM loads the UFT One add-ins that are associated with the selected GUI test. You must ensure that you run the GUI test on a machine on which the required UFT One add-ins are installed. For details on working with add-ins and associated add-in lists in UFT One, refer to the documentation and the relevant add-in documentation.

  • When you run GUI tests from the Test Lab module, they are automatically run in Fast mode. They cannot be run in Normal mode.

  • By default, ALM closes UFT One at the end of a test set run. This ensures that the UFT One license is released at that point and made available for other UFT One users. To keep UFT One open after a test set run, you can edit the SUPPORT_TESTSET_END parameter in the Site Configuration tab in Site Administration. For details, see Set configuration parameters.