How to Create Test Sets

This task describes how to create and define test sets in the Test Lab module.

To learn more about test sets, see Test Set Specification Overview.

Note: Higher-level task: This task is part of a higher-level task. For details, see Run tests in ALM.

  1. Define test sets

    Define a hierarchical framework for your test sets by creating a test sets tree that contains folders and subfolders.

    1. Open the Test Lab module. On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Test Lab.

    2. Create folders. Right-click the Root folder and select New Folder. To create a sub-folder, right-click a folder and select New Folder.

    3. Add test sets to folders. Right-click a folder and select New Test Set. For user interface details, see New Test Set Dialog Box.

      To learn more about the different types of test sets, see Test Set Specification Overview.

    4. Example:  

      Suppose you want to test new features added to Release 10.5 of the Mercury Tours application. Release 10.5 consists of four cycles, and you want to test the new features for the release in Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 4. Because the tests you need to run to test the new features are the same for each of these cycles, you want to use the same test set as a basis for testing new features in each of the cycles.

      In the test sets tree, you can create the folder, Release 10.5,for the release. Under this folder, you create the folder, Cycle 1, for the first cycle of the release. In the Cycle 1 folder, you create a test set, New Features, containing the tests necessary to test new features for the release. After you create this test set and add its tests, you can copy and paste the Cycle 1 folder and use it as a basis for the other cycles that test new features.