Select Tests Pane

This pane enables you to select tests for inclusion in a test set. ALM adds instances of the selected tests to the test set. Each instance contains a defined test configuration.

To access

In the Test Lab module > Test Sets tab, select a test set and click the Execution Grid tab or the Execution Flow tab. Then click the Select Tests button.

Important information
  • You can include instances of the same test in different test sets or add more than one instance to the same test set.

  • You cannot add external tests (EXTERNAL-TEST test type ) to a test set. For more details on external tests, see Integrate with external tests.
  • If you are adding a folder to the test set, only tests that match the current filter in the Test Plan Tree tab or Requirements Tree tab are added.

  • LoadRunner Enterprise: You can view and add performance tests to a Performance test set type only. For details, see New Test Set Dialog Box.

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