Automation Tab

This tab enables you to implement automation for a component.

To access

From the Business Components module, click the Automation tab.

From the Component Details dialog box, click the Automation sidebar entry.

Important information

The contents of the Automation tab changes depending on the automation implemented for the component.

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element



Enables you to add or remove automation to/from the business component. When adding automation, click the down arrow next to the button and choose the type of automation:

  • Keyword GUI

  • Scripted GUI

  • API

Note: If you click Add Automation without selecting the down arrow, ALM adds the type of automation used the last time you added automation to a component. If you have not yet added automation, ALM adds keyword GUI automation (assuming the UFT One add-in or the UFT One for Business Process Testing add-in is installed on your machine. These add-in are available from the Application Lifecycle Management Add-ins page (Help > Add-ins)).

Available when: At least one testing tool is installed on your machine.

<Business Component fields>

For field definitions, see Business Components Module Fields.

<Keyword View pane>

Enables you to create and edit keyword steps. For user interface details, see Keyword View Pane.