Cross-client FAQs

This section answers some of the questions that are frequently asked about working with multiple clients.

How do I migrate ALM Desktop Client from Internet Explorer to ALM Client Launcher?

Run ALM Client Launcher and no client-side migration is needed.

When you run ALM Client Launcher for the first time, it downloads the ALM client files to your local machine. From then on, you can enjoy the same ALM functionality as what you can access with ALM Desktop Client on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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If I connect to an ALM project in Web Client and modify workflow script here, how is the script presented in ALM Desktop Client for the same project, and vice versa?

Workflow defined in Web Client is not the same as what is defined in ALM Desktop Client. The same ALM project can have two separate workflows: the new JavaScript script workflow for Web Client and the existing VBScript workflow for ALM Desktop Client.

If you want to apply the same workflow for all the users of a project, either let them use the same client or keep the two workflows consistent.

You can restrict a user group from using ALM Desktop Client or Web Client:

  • To disable a user group from using ALM Desktop Client, you can edit the CanLogin function in the VBScript workflow. Here’s an example:

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    Function CanLogin (DomainName, ProjectName,UserName)
    CanLogin = True
    if User.IsInGroup("Defect Reporter") then
    msgbox "You are expected to visit this ALM project using Web Runner!"
    CanLogin = False
    end if
    End Function

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Is there a tool to migrate VBscript workflow in ALM Desktop Client to the JavaScript one in Web Client?

Such a tool is not available. The best practice is to first identify which user groups can start to use Web Client, review their working process, and then implement the new JavaScript workflow. Others still continue using ALM Desktop Client and their existing workflow.

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Is it OK to access the same ALM project using different types of ALM clients?

Yes. Each user can use their preferred client to access the same project in ALM.

For details about ALM clients, see Available ALM clients.

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