This section answers some of the questions that are frequently asked about ALM clients.

Available ALM clients

ALM continually evolves and innovates to enhance user experience and improve administration efficiency. To meet your demand in various scenarios, ALM offers the following clients:

Client   Description
ALM Desktop Client

ALM Desktop Client is a fully functional client, including release management, requirement management, test plan, test lab, defect management, data analysis and reporting. It also enables you to customize your project and workflow.

ALM supports running the same ALM Desktop Client using either of the following:

ALM Client Launcher

ALM Client Launcher is a lightweight and flexible application that enables you to run ALM Desktop Client on any Windows machine.

We recommend using ALM Client Launcher to run ALM Desktop Client because:

  • It removes dependency of Internet Explorer. Therefore, the IE retirement does not impact your use of ALM Desktop Client.

  • It does not require administrator permissions.

Microsoft Edge with IE mode enabled

As long as IE mode in Edge is supported, ALM supports running ALM Desktop Client in this mode.

ALM Web Client

Web Client is a pure lightweight web-based client with release management, requirement management, test plan, test lab, defect management, dashboard view, and workflow customization functions.

It contains a subset of ALM Desktop Client functions and features simple and modern UI, providing friendly and productive user experiences.

Quality of Things (QoT)

QoT is a manual test execution client used on tablet devices running Android, iOS, or Windows.

You can run manual tests and submit defects in both online and offline modes.

Site Administration

Site Administration is a web-based client that enables site administrators (for on-premises) and customer administrators (for SaaS) to manage their ALM environments from anywhere and any browser with full admin functionality.

ALM Lab Management

Lab Management is a non-web client that enables you to manage testing resources and systems that you use for ALM server-side functional and performance testing.

You can use either ALM Client Launcher (recommended) or Microsoft Edge IE mode to open ALM Lab Management.

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Client-specific FAQs

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