Lab Management

As a user assigned to the LAB_PROJECT, you can use ALM Lab Management to manage testing resources and systems that you use for ALM server-side functional and performance testing.

Note: ALM tests can run using different modes of execution:

  • You use ALM Desktop Client to deploy and test your builds in an end-to-end fashion.

  • You use ALM Lab Management to manage the testing resources which form the infrastructure of ALM's server-side testing functionality.

Using Lab Management, you can do the following administrative tasks for the LAB_PROJECT:

What you can do Details
View and edit Lab Management project settings

The Lab Management > Project Settings module lists all projects that have the Lab extension enabled. It enables you to view and edit the project settings.

Schedule automated maintenance tasks

To run server-side tests in ALM, the lab system must be up and functioning correctly. Scheduled automated maintenance tasks provide constant monitoring of the system's key components in order to detect system failures. You use the Lab Management > Maintenance Tasks module to check the status of the system.

Manage lab resources

The Lab Management > Lab Resources module enables you to define, manage, and maintain the testing resources used for ALM server-side testing.

Create and configure CDA servers

Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) integrates with ALM to provide dynamic provisioning and deployment of resources. The Lab Management > CDA Servers module is used to create and configure CDA servers within Lab Management.

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