The Lab Management tab in Site Administration enables you to manage the LAB_PROJECT project details and define Lab Management users who are responsible for Lab Management administration tasks.

Overview of LAB_PROJECT

LAB_PROJECT is automatically created during the ALM installation. It's associated with all projects that have the ALM Lab Extension for functional and performance testing extension enabled. These projects are Lab Management projects.

LAB_PROJECT stores lab information related to managing functional and performance testing on remote hosts. You add administrator users to LAB_PROJECT, and these users can perform all Lab Management administration tasks from Lab Management.

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What you can do with LAB_PROJECT

From Site Administration > Lab Management, you can do the following to manage LAB_PROJECT:

Action Details
Create Lab Management administrators

You create a user with the administrator privileges and add it to the LAB_PROJECT. The user is responsible for all Lab Management administration tasks, such as managing hosts and host pools.

To create a Lab Management administrator:

  1. In the Site Administration > User Management tab, create a user.

    For details, see Add new users.

  2. In the Lab Management tab, select the Users tab. Click Add Users, and add the user you created above.

  3. In the Groups drop-down list, select a group that has the administrator privileges to the user.

View and update LAB_PROJECT details

Go to the Details tab to view and update LAB_PROJECT details.

Query LAB_PROJECT tables

You can query specific data that is stored in LAB_PROJECT. You query the project by defining and running SQL queries.

To query the LAB_PROJECT database, go to the Database tab of LAB_PROJECT.

For detailed instructions, see Query project tables.


To restore access to LAB_PROJECT, Click Project Restore .

After restoring LAB_PROJECT, it is added to the Lab Management tab.

Restoring LAB_PROJECT allows you to use only Lab Management projects that were created in the restored LAB_PROJECT.


To remove LAB_PROJECT from the Lab Management tab, click Remove Project .

Removing LAB_PROJECT does not delete it from the server and you can restore it if necessary. If the project is still active, you are prompted to deactivate it.

Removing LAB_PROJECT deactivates all projects associated with LAB_PROJECT. These projects can be enabled only by restoring this version of LAB_PROJECT.

Deactivate/Activate LAB_PROJECT

To deactivate LAB_PROJECT, click Deactivate Project .

When you deactivate LAB_PROJECT:

  • Users cannot log in to Lab Management.

  • Any users currently connected to LAB_PROJECT are forced to log out when you deactivate the project.

  • Users cannot connect to projects associated with LAB_PROJECT, and currently connected users are disconnected.

To activate LAB_PROJECT, click Activate Project .


To ping LAB_PROJECT to check whether the project database is accessible from Site Administration, click Ping Project .


To maintain LAB_PROJECT, click Maintain Project , and select one of the following options:

  • Upgrade Project

  • Verify Project

  • Repair Project

  • Convert Project to Unicode

For details, see Upgrade projects and Convert projects to Unicode.

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