Site Administration tools

From the Tools menu of Site Administration, you can access the following options:

Option Description
Collect Information

Creates the ALM_CollectedInfo_<number>.html file and displays a dialog box describing where to find the file.

This file contains diagnostic information about the ALM system. It is useful when you contact ALM support.

Set Project Update Priorities

Opens the Project Update Prioritization window, enabling you to determine the order in which projects are upgraded before upgrading minor-minor versions.

For details, see Set project update priorities.

Update Test Types

Updates custom test type definitions in active projects.

This is required after registering custom test types with ALM. If your site contains many active projects, this may take some time.

Note: When you activate a project, custom test type definitions are updated automatically.

For details about custom test types, see the Custom Test Type Reference.

ALM Advisor

Opens the ALM Advisor window, enabling you to collect and analyze environment details in order to assess the current ALM deployment and to recommend usage improvements.

For details, see ALM Advisor.

ALM Robot

Opens the ALM Robot page, enabling you to run activities for multiple projects in parallel. ALM Robot supports the following activities:

  • Upgrade projects

  • Undo checkouts

  • Export projects

  • Import projects

For details, see ALM Robot.

Quality Insight

Opens the Quality Insight Settings window, enabling you to turn on or off Quality Insight at site level and assign the dedicated Quality Insight user.

For details, see Enable or disable Quality Insight.

SSO Configuration

Opens the SSO Configuration wizard, enabling you to set up SSO authentication for connecting to ALM.

For details, see Set up SSO authentication.

Project Planning and Tracking

Opens the Project Planning and Tracking dialog box, enabling you to schedule project planning and tracking (PPT) calculations for your ALM projects.

For details, see Project planning and tracking (PPT) calculations.

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