Manage favorites

You can save the look and feel of a Web Client tab as a favorite and apply favorites that have been added in Desktop Client. You can also edit favorites and organize favorites into groups.

Note: You can manage favorites for the Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defects modules.

Save a display as a favorite

Customize the display of a module, and save the display as a favorite view.

To save a display as a favorite:

  1. Customize the display of the module.

    Each module has its own separate set of favorites.

    A favorite saves the following settings: filter, selected columns, sorting, and grouping.

    For details, see Filter records in Web Client and Customize entity grid.

    Alternatively, you can apply an existing favorite, edit the display settings, and save it as a new favorite. For details, see Apply a favorite.

  2. Select Favorites > Add to Favorites, do the following, and click OK.

    • In the Name field, enter the favorite name.

    • From the favorites tree, select the folder where the new favorite is saved. To save the favorite in a new folder, click New Folder.

      You can save the favorite in the Private or Public folder. Favorites in the Private folder are available for you only. Favorites in the Public folder are available for every user.

    After creation, the favorite is applied automatically. The Favorites label is replaced with the name of the new favorite.

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Apply a favorite

You can apply a favorite that has been added in Web Client or Desktop Client.

  • To apply a favorite added in Web Client, from Favorites > Private or Public, select the target favorite.

  • To apply a favorite added in Desktop Client, from Favorites > From Desktop Client > Private or Public, select the target favorite.


    • When you apply a Desktop Client favorite where the filter settings include parentheses or cross filters, the group-by settings of the favorite are not applied. This issue occurs in the requirements and defects module.

    • If a favorite is added in Desktop Client under Requirements Tree view, you cannot apply the favorite in the Web Client Requirements tab.

The favorite in use is indicated by a star .

Favorites recently used are listed at the bottom of the Favorites drop-down list, with the following naming convention: private: <favorite_name> or public: <favorite_name>.

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Update a favorite

If you change the display after applying a favorite, the favorite icon changes to a star with a line . You can do either of the following:

  • To save the new display as a new favorite, click Favorites > Add to Favorites.

  • (Available starting from ALM 24.1 P1) To update the current favorite with the new display, click Favorites > Update Favorite.

    If the current favorite was added in Desktop Client, you cannot update it directly. To update it, first add it as a new favorite by clicking Favorites > Add to Favorites, edit the favorite's display, and then click Favorites > Update Favorite.

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Clear a favorite

If you clear a favorite, the sorting, grouping, and filtering of the favorite are cleared. Only the column display settings are preserved.

To clear a favorite, click Favorites > Clear Favorite.

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Organize favorites

You can organize your private or public favorites that are defined in Web Client.

To organize favorites:

  1. In the module's top menu, click Favorites > Organize Favorites.

  2. In the Organize Favorites window, you can do the following:

    Add, rename, or delete favorite folders

    To add a favorite folder:

    1. Select the folder under which you want to add a favorite folder.

    2. Click New Folder, or click More Actions (...) > New Folder.

    3. Give the folder a name.

    To rename or delete a favorite folder:

    1. Select the folder.

    2. Click More Actions (...) > Rename or Delete.

      Alternatively, click Delete to delete the folder.

    Cut and paste favorites or favorite folders

    Cut and paste a favorite or favorite folder to move it from a folder to another.

    1. Select the favorite or favorite folder to cut, and click Cut.

    2. Select the folder where the favorite or favorite folder is to be copied, and click Paste.

    Tip: To share your private favorite, you can move it from the Private folder to the Public folder.

    Rename or delete favorites
    1. Select the favorite.

    2. Click More Actions (...) > Rename or Delete.

      Alternatively, click Delete to delete the favorite.

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