What's New in ALM 15.00

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in ALM 15.00.

SSO Authentication

SSO access to ALM can be authorized in a federated environment. Users can use single sign-on for logging into ALM as they do with other SSO applications at the site. For details on how to facilitate single sign-on, see Setting up SSO Authentication (for ALM 15.00).

If you use Siteminder for user authentication, we recommend you switch to use the SSO authentication solution.

Web Runner Web Runner is a manual test execution tool. It enables you to run manual tests and submit defects to ALM from a Web browser, without the need to download the ALM client. After you complete your test runs, the test results along with any submitted defects are automatically synchronized to ALM. For details, see ALM Web Client.
Site Administration REST API Reference

This new guide provides a complete online reference for the newly added Site Administration REST-based API. Use the REST API to access and work with ALM data in Site Administration. For details, see Site Administration REST API Reference.

ALM AutoPass License Server (technical preview)

The AutoPass License Server (APLS) helps you organize and manage ALM licenses, by providing better visibility and control over license consumption.

For details on how to install and manage licenses in APLS, see AutoPass License Server.

Dashboard module
  • Health reports. The ALM health report provides an out of the box set of key metrics that will help you to gain visibility and control of your project’s progress and health. For details, see Health reports.
API Keys

API Key expiration time. By default, API Keys do not expire unless revoked. To set an expiration time, you can define the APIKEY_EXPIRE_DAYS site parameter. For details, see Set up API key access.


Transpose button. This button enables you to switch the data table to have parameter rows and iteration columns.

Available from Test Plan module > Test Configurations tab > Data tab for static configurations.

For more details on the static view, see Iteration Pages.

ALM Help Center Enhancements
  • User Help menu. In addition to ALM help, now includes BPT and Web Runner helps.
  • Integrations menu (new). Includes online help for Excel, Word, BV Excel, and MSI Generator. Also includes catalogs of add-ins and integrations.
  • Admin Help menu. Now includes SaaS Administration.
  • Developer Help menu. Previously called Advanced Help. Now itemizes the various API references for easy navigation.

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