Install agent relay

Depending on the server configuration your organization needs, you may consider installing one or more agent relays.

Installation considerations

If you need agent relays, you must install them before connecting agents.

For a basic installation of Deployment Automation in which you do not need agent relays, skip this section and continue to Install agents.

You can reconfigure agents to go through agent relays if you change the configuration later. For details on server-agent communication, see Server and agent communication.

Use one of the following methods to install an agent relay:

Interactive installation See Install agent relays with the interactive installer.
Silent-mode installation

Windows: See Install agent relays in silent mode on Windows.

UNIX/Linux: See Install agent relays in silent mode on UNIX/Linux.

To upgrade an agent relay, see Upgrade agent relays.

To connect an agent relay through another agent relay, see Install child relay.

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Installation prerequisites

Before installing an agent relay, ensure the following:

  • A supported version of Java is installed. For the latest system requirements, see the Support Matrix.

  • The server with which to connect the agent relay is already installed.

    UNIX: UNIX installers are 32-bit applications, and 64-bit systems may not support them by default. Before running the installer on a 64-bit Linux system, ensure that you have Motif installed (usually available by default).

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