Create component tasks

This topic explains how to create component tasks that interrupt component processes until manual intervention is performed.

For details on how to insert a manual task step in a component process, see Component utility steps.

About component tasks

A component task is used to pause a component process until a specific action from the assigned user resumes the process.

Deployment Automation suspends task-interrupted processes until the targeted user responds.

Typically, component tasks are removed after the process has been tested or automated.

Like approvals, triggered component tasks notify targeted users. Notifications are associated with component-, environment-, or resource-defined user roles. Unlike approvals, component tasks can be incorporated into a component process.

The targeted person can indicate that the task is complete by approving the step from the request's log in Approval Requests. For details, see Approve requests.

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Create component tasks

You create component tasks on the component's page.

To create a component task:

  1. Navigate to Management > Components > [select component] > Tasks.

  2. Click Create. The Create Task Definition dialog box opens.
  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the task.
  4. (Optional) Enter additional information to describe the task.
  5. From the Template Name list, select a template.

    This option maps individual tasks to the notification scheme used by the application. For details, see Create notification templates.

    If you don't specify a scheme, Deployment Automation uses the default task notification template TaskCreated.

  6. Click Save.

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