Approve requests

This topics describes how to view, respond to, and cancel approval requests for processes.

When you have pending approvals, the Pending Approval Requests icon in the dashboard displays the number of requests waiting for your response.

View and respond to approval requests

To manage your pending approvals, click Pending Approval Requests at the top right of your dashboard.

The Pending Approval Requests pane is expanded, where you can:

  • Expand approval requests to view the processes and tasks included.
  • View the name of the process request, the date and time when the request was submitted, and who requested the process.
  • View the details of the associated snapshot or version by clicking its name.
  • View the details of the associated environment or resource by clicking its name.
  • View request details by clicking the View icon. On the request page, the Log tab indicates that the process is waiting to start.
  • In the expanded view, view the item to be approved by clicking the link next to the Name.
  • Approve the request by clicking the Approve icon. Optionally, provide comments. If you approve a request, the process starts.
  • Reject the request by clicking the Reject icon. Optionally, provide the reason for rejection. If you reject a request, the process does not run.
  • Cancel pending approval requests by clicking the Close Approvals icon. For more details, see the next section.

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Close pending approval requests

You can cancel approval requests that have been pending for longer than a specified period of time.

To close pending approval requests:

  1. At the top right of your dashboard, click Pending Approval Requests .
  2. In the Pending Approval Requests pane, click Close Approvals .

    Note: If you do not have permission to cancel pending approvals, the Close Approvals icon is not displayed.

    As an administrator, you can grant permission in Administration > Security > Role Configuration > Web UI. Edit the relevant role and add the Close Unhandled Approvals permission. For details, see Create and edit roles.

  3. In the Close Approval dialog box, enter the approval waiting period in days. All requests pending longer than this period are canceled. By default, the time period is set to 30 days.

    You can change the default setting by modifying your server configuration. For details, see Modify the default approval waiting period.

  4. Click Submit.

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