After running a deployment history cleanup, review the cleanup results in Administration Timeline. We recommend to remove the history cleanup permissions when the cleanup is finished.

Review deployment history cleanup results

After the cleanup completes, review information about the cleanup request.

To review deployment history cleanup results:

  1. Navigate to Administration > System.
  2. Select the Deployment History Cleanup tab.

    The Deployment History Cleanup page opens, where you can do the following:

    • View a list of all cleanup requests and sort requests by name, cleanup period, scheduled date and time, duration, scope, status, or user role running the request.
    • Search for specific requests by name.
    • Filter requests by status: Success, Failure, or Other.
  3. To view details about a specific cleanup request, click Details next to the request.

    The Execution Cleanup Request page opens, where you can review the following:

    • Applications and environments selected for the cleanup.

    • Application and component process requests that couldn't be removed.

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Remove permissions for the history cleanup

Because the deployment history cleanup requires prior planning and communication to users, you may consider removing the Clean Deployment History permission after the cleanup is finished. This way, you prevent users from running an unplanned cleanup.

In Deployment Automation, navigate to Administration > Security > Role Configuration > Web UI, edit the relevant role, and clear the Clean Deployment History permission.

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