Step 1: Create a component

Prerequisite: Before you begin

This step explains how to create a component and import the first component version for the helloWorld deployment.

Note: Components represent deployable artifacts such as files, images, databases, configuration materials, or other items in a software project. A component can contain a single or multiple artifacts. Components have versions, which ensures that proper component instances are deployed. For details, see Manage components.

To create a component for the helloWorld deployment:

  1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Management > Components.
  2. On the Components page, click Create. The Create Component dialog box opens.

  3. Specify the details of the new component.

    Field Description
    Name Enter the component’s name, for example, helloWorld.
    Description (Optional) Enter additional information about the component.

    Accept the default value (None).

    Templates enable you to reuse component configurations. For details, see Component templates.

    Source Config Type

    Select File System (Versioned). Additional fields are displayed.

    File System (Versioned) treats each subdirectory in the source directory as a component version. For details, see File System (Versioned) SCT.

    In this deployment, your component version is the TestVersion01 subdirectory, which contains the artifacts.

    Base Path Specify the path to the source directory of your artifacts, for example, /helloWorld.
    Import Versions Automatically

    Select the Import Versions Automatically check box to set up periodic imports. Additional fields are displayed:

    • Quiet Period. Set to 60.
    • Polling Period. Set to 300.

    With these settings, Deployment Automation polls for new versions every 300 seconds. After detecting and importing changes, it pauses polling for 60 minutes.

    Copy to CodeStation

    Ensure the Copy to CodeStation option is selected.

    This option creates a copy of imported artifacts and stores them in an artifact repository called CodeStation.

  4. Accept the default values for the remaining options. For details about these options, see Create components.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Check that the artifacts were imported. Navigate to Management > Components > helloWorld > Versions > TestVersion01. Verify that the five files, TestArtifact01.txt through TestArtifact05.txt, are present.

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