Deployment walkthrough

This walkthrough is an example of a simple deployment called helloWorld that explains how to move files from one location to another.

Before you begin

Before performing the walkthrough steps:

  1. Get access to a Deployment Automation server that has an active agent connected to it. In this walkthrough, you'll transfer files from the server to the agent.

    For details on how to install a server or agent, see Installation quick start.

  2. On the server machine, create a source directory helloWorld with a subdirectory TestVersion01. In the TestVersion01 subdirectory, create five text files, such as TestArtifact01.txt and TestArtifact02.txt. These files are the artifacts that you’ll import into Deployment Automation as a component and then deploy.

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Run the helloWorld deployment

Follow these steps to create and run the helloWorld deployment process:

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