Introducing Dimensions CM

This topic introduces Dimensions CM and provides some tips about getting started.

About Dimensions CM

Dimensions CM is a software change and configuration management tool for Agile development.

  • Integrated collaboration enables teamwork between engineers.
  • Agile team members can view annotated code, highlight findings, and participate in collaborative discussion threads.
  • Continuously build software changes, examine the health and quality of changes, and decide if they are ready to be merged and released.

  • Effectively monitor and manage Agile environments.
  • Organize and prioritize development requests into backlogs.
  • Assign requests to a development iteration or sprint and visualize and manage status on the card wall.

Get started

Before you begin...

To get started, we recommend that you learn about code review and continuous integration.

How do I use Dimensions CM?

To understand how to use Dimensions CM, see the user help and the Getting Started Guide.

Let's go!

When you're ready to begin, log into a Dimensions CM client and start working.

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Set up the environment

Initial setup

Before users can work, administrators need to install and configure Dimensions CM.

For details read about installing and administering.

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Bookmark the Help Center

To ensure that you're always viewing the most up-to-date version of the Help Center, bookmark this link:

Earlier versions of Dimensions CM help are also available.

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