Dimensions Build

Dimensions Build is a build management, execution, and monitoring tool that is part of Dimensions CM. Use Dimensions Build to run builds from the Dimensions CM administration console, or the desktop, web, and ISPF clients.

Dimensions Build integrates with third-party build engines, such as Ant, and build management tools, such as Jenkins.

For details about Dimensions Build, see the following documentation:

Task Reference
Configure and use Dimensions Build See the Dimensions Build help.
Run builds from the web client and desktop client See Run builds in Dimensions CM clients.
Run builds from the command-line client See the Command-Line Reference.
Run builds from the Dimensions for z/OS ISPF client See Dimensions for z/OS or the help for the build panels.

When you run a build, you can optionally specify build options. For details, see the templating language and processor section in the API reference.