Add/Edit Specific Library dialog box

In the Add Specific Library dialog box, add a library for the selected item type.

In the Edit Specific Library dialog box, edit the existing library for the selected item type.

Note: If you change the location of an item library, you need to move the library files manually to the new location. Dimensions CM does not relocate the library contents.

Field Description

Host Name

Enter the hostname of the network node on which you are setting up the library. For details, see Define the host node.

Note: This must not be a logical node.

Directory Path

Specify the path to the item library directory on the host node.

For UNIX and Windows, enter an absolute path ending with a slash. For details, see Set the folder path.

Caution: Do not set item libraries to the root directories of Windows drives or shares. This is not supported and may cause operations to fail.


(Optional) Specify the required protection level for the item library directories.

Enter the protection in the format of the host node operating system. For details, see Set up protection.

Use Delta Storage

(Optional) Select this option to store items using the native Version Manager delta library storage scheme. For details, see Use delta storage.

Credential set

Select the credentials to access the remote node on which you are setting up the library.

For details about credential sets, see Administration.

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