Administration and error handling

If you customize your email templates, make sure that your changes contain valid variables and comply to the templating syntax.

To check compliance, run dmemail with the debugging symbols set. For details, see Dmemail configuration parameters.

Run the dmemail utility in command-line mode after the events that fire the modified email template have been performed. In this mode, dmemail sends output to the console window, detailing its actions and including any errors encountered while expanding the templates.

If an error occurs while trying to process a mail event, dmemail skips the event and moves on to process the others. As a result, if your users are not receiving the expected emails, you may have errors in the templates and need to fix them.

Note: Some mail servers implement antispam policies by filtering out invalid email addresses. When using notifications, ensure that user emails specified in Administration Console > Users, Groups, Roles and Privileges > User & group registration are correct. Otherwise, email notifications may be blocked by the mail server.

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