Data format and MIME types

In the Administration Console, you can add and manage data formats and MIME types for Dimensions CM request and item types.

About data format and MIME types

Define data formats and MIME types and assign them to Dimensions CM request and item types:

  • To compel users to select from assigned formats when creating items of a particular type.

  • To determine how the Dimensions CM desktop client and web client display requests or item files.

  • To specify MIME types for the Dimensions CM web client.

If a data format is not assigned to a particular item type, you can use any format when you create an item, including formats that have not been defined.

If a data format is not registered, Dimensions CM assumes it to be of the BINARY type. Because binary files do not undergo end-of-line translation when moving from one operating system to another, it is important to plan and manage this information.

In the Data Format and MIME Types section of the Administration Console, you can:

  • View the data formats and Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) types registered in the base database.

  • Filter the list of data formats and MIME types based on user-defined criteria.

  • Create (register) a new data format and MIME type.

  • Edit an existing data format and MIME type.

  • Delete a data format and MIME type.

  • Assign item types to a data format and list the current assignments.

Required roles and privileges:

  • To work with data format and MIME types, you need the Manage File Format Definition privilege.

  • Only the Tool Manager can define data formats and MIME types, and only a Product Manager can assign them to item types.

To open the Data Format and MIME Types section, go to Administration Console > Configuration Object Management > Data format & MIME types. For details, see Data Format and MIME Types main window.

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File classes

The file class specifies the way in which the data of a file is encoded.

For example, for the Dimensions CM desktop client, this value determines the mode in which item files are transferred between the client and the server. If you do not intend to use the desktop client, you may accept the default value, ASCII.

Dimensions CM includes the following file classes: 



  • MAC (Macintosh)

  • VMS

  • Windows

The classes are hard-coded and cannot be modified. All items that do not have a class of ASCII are transferred between Dimensions CM clients and servers in binary mode.

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MIME types

A MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) type is an internationally defined data format. MIME types and subtypes are allocated by the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA). The Dimensions CM web client uses these values to determine how to display a Dimensions CM request or item's content in a browser.

If you do not intend to use the Dimensions CM web client, you may not set a MIME type, in which case a default MIME type is used. But we recommend that you make a relevant choice from the available types.

MIME types comprise several broad categories. Each category has subtypes, defined by using a separator. For details, see MIME subtypes.

Common examples of MIME types are text/plain, text/html, application/msword and application/pdf.

The following table describes the MIME type categories.

Category Description
text Used to describe text of various types.
multipart Indicates that the file contains multiple sections with potentially more than one MIME type.
message Used for various types of messages.
application A catchall description allowing for miscellaneous types of files.
image Used for graphic files.
audio Used for audio files.
video Used for video files.
model Multimedia modeling.

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MIME subtypes

The MIME subtypes are subdivisions of the basic categories. The following table provides a list of the MIME subtypes.

Type Subtypes


enriched plain html
richtext sgml tab-separated-values
vnd.fmi.flexstor vnd.latex-z  


alternative appledouble byteranges
digest encrypted form-data
header-set mixed parallel
related report signed


external-body http news
partial rfc822  


activemessage andrew-inset applefile
atomicmail cals-1840 commonground
cybercash dca-rft dec-dx
eshop hyperstudio iges
mac-binhex40 macwriteii mathematica
msword news-message-id news-transmission
octet-stream oda pdf
pgp-encrypted pgp-keys pgp-signature
postscript prs.alvestrand.titrax-sheet prs.nprend
remote-printing riscos rtf
set-payment set-payment-initiation set-registration
set-registration-initiation sgml sgml-open-catalog
slate vemmi vnd.$commerce_battelle
vnd.businessobjects vnd.ecdis-update vnd.enliven
vnd.fdf vnd.FloGraphIt vnd.framemaker
vnd.hp-HPGL vnd.hp-PCL vnd.hp-PCLXL vnd.intercon     .formnet vnd.intertrust.digibox
vnd.intertrust.nncp vnd.japannet-directory-service vnd.japannet-jpnstore-wakeup
vnd.japannet-payment-wakeup vnd.japannet-registration vnd.japannet-registration-wakeup
vnd.japannet-setstore-wakeup vnd.japannet-verification vnd.japannet-verification-wakeup
vnd.koan vnd.lotus-1-2-3 vnd.lotus-approach
vnd.lotus-freelance vnd.lotus-organizer vnd.lotus-screencam
vnd.meridian-slingshot vnd.mif vnd.musician
vnd.noblenet-directory vnd.noblenet-sealer vnd.noblenet-web
vnd.osa.netdeploy vnd.powerbuilder6 vnd.powerbuilder6-s
vnd.rapid vnd.seemail vnd.shana.informed.formdata
vnd.street-stream vnd.svd vnd.truedoc
vnd.webturbo vnd.xara wita
wordperfect5.1 x400-bp zip


cgm g3fax gif
ief jpeg naplps
png tiff vnd.dwg
vnd.dxf vnd.fpx
audio 32kadpcm basic vnd.qcelp


mpeg quicktime
model iges mesh vrml

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