New Report File dialog box

In the New Report File dialog box, specify the details of the main executable file or an auxiliary file that you can use to create a report.

Field Description
ID Enter a name for the user report file, up to 25 characters long.
Revision Enter the revision level of the report file, up to 15 characters long.
File location to add from

Enter the path to the report file, or click the browse button and navigate to the file. The path must not exceed 240 characters.

Dimensions CM imports the content of the file into the database and associates it with the report file ID at the Revision.

Filename when running report Enter the name of the report file to run, up to 240 characters. This is also the default file name when exporting the report file to a location specified by the user.

Runs Report?

(displayed only when assigning a new report file)

Select to set this report file as the main (default) file that is executed when running a report. Dimensions CM retrieves the report file from the database to run the report.

Note: You can specify only one main file for each report definition. If the main file has already been defined, your current file takes precedence, and the other file no longer runs the report.

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