Object type definitions

In the Administration Console, you can define, set up, and manage the types of Dimensions CM objects.

About object type definitions

Use the Object Type Definitions section in the Administration Console to work with Dimensions CM object type definitions:

  • View the object types for a particular object class (item, request, baseline, design part, or project) in the current product.

  • Add a new object type for a particular object class.

  • Delete an object type of a particular object class.

  • Specify additional options for item types, request types, and project types.

  • Assign an existing lifecycle to an object type.

  • View and edit the associated lifecycle details for a specific object type. For details, see Edit lifecycle states.

  • List, define or update attributes for a particular object type.

  • Define item libraries for the current product and also for specific item types within the product.

  • Define templates for items and requests.

  • Specify valid change management relationships between request types and other request or item types for the current product.

  • Add, edit, or delete item-to-item or request-to-request relationships across products in the base database.

  • Add, edit or delete the attribute mappings used for the priming of requests for the current product or across products.

  • Specify the change management rules for controlling the development of item or request types for the current product.

To open Object Type Definitions, go to Administration Console > Configuration Object Management > Object type definitions. For details, see Object Types main window.

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Guidelines for managing object types

The following rules and guidelines apply to object type definitions:

  • To work with object types, you need the Manage Object Types privilege.

  • You cannot delete an object type (item types, request types, baseline types, design part categories, and project types) if any instances of that type existing within the product.

    Request types: You cannot delete requests located in both the main and secondary catalogs.

  • An item type or request type cannot be deleted if its rules are still enabled.

  • An object type is defined in relation to the currently selected product. To set up an object class of the same type in other products, define them separately in each product.

  • When you create a product based on an existing product, the object type definitions are copied to the new product.

    You can also set up object types by selecting $GENERIC as your current product and then using the $GENERIC product as a template for object types when creating a new product.

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