Assign Area to Project/Stream dialog box

In the Assign Area to Project/Stream dialog box, associate a project or stream with a deployment area so that the area can be used for project items.

Field Description
Area (Display only) Specifies the name of the selected deployment area.
Project/Stream Enter the project or stream's specification, or search for a project or stream. For details, see Select Project/Stream wizard (page 1 of 2).

File path relative to area directory

To use a folder that is offset or located in another folder relative to the area's folder, enter its relative path, up to 128 characters long.

Files are placed in a folder structure corresponding to their folders in the project/stream.

Deploy by default Use this option to automatically deploy files to this area when the item revisions are promoted or demoted to this stage.
Audit filter

Select an audit filter from the list, or use the default filter for the area.

Caution: Make sure not to confuse audit filters with area filters. For details, see Use area filters.

Sequence order

To run deployments to this area in a particular order when there are multiple deployment areas, enter a sequence order.

For details on how to set sequences, see Set deployment sequence.

Populate area with project/stream contents Select this option to copy item files to the area as soon as you assign this area.

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