Set deployment sequence

If you are deploying to multiple areas at the same stage, you can deploy in a specific order.

To set the sequence number for a deployment area, see Assign deployment areas. The sequence number is applied to any deploy or rollback operation in the area.

Deployment sequence rules

The following rules apply when setting a deployment sequence:

  • Areas with sequence numbers are processed first.

  • The sequence numbers do not have to be contiguous.

  • Areas that do not have any sequence numbers are processed last.

  • Areas that share the same sequence number are grouped and deployed in an undefined sequence in their group when it is processed.

  • Areas are deployed in ascending sequence starting with 0.

  • When a deployment error occurs in a sequence group, the other areas in that group are processed. However, any areas with higher sequence numbers are not processed.

    Tip: Leave spaces between sequence numbers so that you can insert additional areas.

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Deployment sequence example

At the LIVE stage, you have the following areas and sequence numbers:

  • LIVE1 (0)

  • LIVE2 (5)

  • LIVE3 (10)

  • LIVE4 (10)

  • LIVE5 (10)

  • LIVE6

  • LIVE7

The areas are deployed in the following sequence:

  1. LIVE1

  2. LIVE2

  3. LIVE3, LIVE4, and LIVE5 (in no specified order)

  4. LIVE6 and LIVE7 (in no specified order)

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