Request baseline templates

Use request baseline templates to define rules for selecting those Dimensions CM requests that you specify as input for creating a baseline.

When you create a baseline, and you specify a list of requests, the requests are according to the rules defined in the template. Note that you need to specify one or more requests when you create the baseline. The template rules do not directly define these requests.

They comprise one or more rules that are made up from the following:

  • Request type.

  • Request status.

  • Baseline status code, which contains one of the following keys:

    EQS Specified state only.
    SUP Specified state and upward.

Note: Baseline collective codes such as *MADE_OF and *LATEST, which are used in item baseline templates, are not relevant to request baselines and are not provided.

A request baseline template consists only of request template rules. It does not allow the addition of rules using item types. Conversely, an item baseline template does not allow the addition of request baseline template rules.

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