Role Assignments window

This topic describes the areas and options of the Role Assignments window in the Administration Console.

To open Role Assignments, go to Administration Console > Users, Groups, Roles and Privileges > Role assignments.

Role Assignments toolbar

The Role Assignments toolbar includes the following options:

Button Description
Switch to the User view to define role assignments by user or group.
Switch to the Roles view to define role assignments by role.
Switch to the Design Part view to define role assignments by design part.
Add a role assignment without selecting any objects.

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Role Assignments navigation area

The Role Assignments navigation pane lists the users or roles in the base database, or the design parts in the current product.

By default, role assignments are displayed by design part. But you can also view role assignments by user and by role.

In the navigation pane, you can:

  • Depending on the view you have selected, select one or more users, design parts, or roles to display the associated role assignments in the content pane.

  • To view a summary of all role assignments in the content pane, select the top-level icon.

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Role Assignments content area

The information displayed in the Role Definitions content pane depends on what you select in the navigation pane.

When you select a user, design part, role, or the top-level icon in the navigation pane, the content pane displays a detailed summary of assignments for the object. You can perform the following operations:

  • Assign a role for the object.
  • Delete one or more selected role assignments.
  • Filter the list of role assignments.
  • Display an HTML page with a summary of role assignments to print or save.

  • Display the list of role assignments as comma-separated values to save as a text file.

  • Sort the list of role assignments by clicking column headings.

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