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In the Select Baseline wizard, filter and select baselines. On the first page, set the filtering criteria for selecting baselines.

You can use the following wildcards in text strings:

Underscore (_) Matches exactly one character. For example, d_g matches dog or dig.
Asterisk (*) or percent sign (%) Matches any number of characters. For example, d%g matches dog,  drag, or dreaming.
Field Description
ID Enter a text string to match baseline specifications. Use up to 25 characters.
Product Select a product from the list, or enter a text string, up to 10 characters.
Type Select a baseline type from the list.
Template Select a baseline template from the list.
Status Enter a text string to match a lifecycle status. Use up to 25 characters.
Originator Enter a text string with optional wild card characters to match the originator.
Last Updated By Enter a text string to match the user ID who last updated the requests. Use up to 25 characters.
Created Between date1 and date2

Enter a date range when the baseline was created, or select dates in the calendar.

To enter dates, use the following format: dd-mon-yyyy [hh:mm:ss]

When finished, proceed to the next page to select from the list of baselines that match your criteria. For details, see Select Baseline wizard (page 2 of 2).

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