View archives and transfers

In the Administration Console, you can view the items in a selected archive or transfer baseline, and filter items by offline or online archive status.

For details on how to filter the list of archive logs in the content area, see Archive Filter dialog box.

To view the contents of an archive or transfer:

  1. In the Administration Console, go to Distributed Development > Archives & Transfers.

  2. In Archives & Transfers, select an archive or transfer baseline.

  3. On the toolbar, click the Show Contents button.

  4. On the General tab of the Show Contents dialog box, review the details of the archive or transfer:

    Field Description
    Archive ID The ID of the archive or transfer.
    Description The description of the archive or transfer.
    Product The ID of the product from which the archive was created or the baseline was transferred.
    Baseline The ID of the baseline that was archived or transferred.
    Tape Label The "sticky label" that is attached to the outside of a tape.
    Volume ID The ID that is physically written on the volume.
    Created The date when the archive was created or the baseline was transferred.
    User The user ID who created the archive or transferred the baseline.
    Archive Type The archive type, Token or Transfer.
  5. Select the Online or Offline tab to view the items by status:

    Offline The items have been deleted from the item library.
    Online The items are still stored in the item library.

    The following information is displayed:

    Field Description
    Item ID The full item specification for the item in the archive or baseline.
    Filename The project file name of the item.
    Archive Status

    The archive status of the item:

    • TO: transferred offline.

    • AO: archived offline.

    • RO: replicated offline.

    • AR: archive retrieved.

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