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In the Select Item wizard, specify the filtering criteria to find items.

You can use the following wildcards in text strings:

Underscore (_) Matches exactly one character. For example, d_g matches dog or dig.
Asterisk (*) or percent sign (%) Matches any number of characters. For example, d%g matches dog,  drag, or dreaming.
Field Description
Filename Enter the item project file name.
Project path Enter the item project folder.
Type Select or enter the item type.
Status Enter the item status.
Originator Enter the item originator.
Owning Design Part Enter the specification of the design part that owns the item. Or click the browse button, and find a design part in the Select Design Part wizard.

To search all item revisions, select All.

To search only the latest revisions, select Latest Only.

Description Enter a text sting to find in the item description.
Product Select or enter a product ID.
Item ID Enter the item ID.

When finished, proceed to the next page to select from the list of items that match your criteria. For details, see Select Item wizard (page 2 of 2).

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