Stage Properties dialog box

In the Stage Properties dialog box, change the description of the selected lifecycle stage. If you are using Deployment Automation, you can also map GSL stages to Deployment Automation pipelines and environments.

For details about integrating with Deployment Automation, see Use Deployment Automation.

Field Description
Stage name (Display only) Specifies the name of the lifecycle stage.
Stage alias (Display only) Specifies the alias for the lifecycle stage.
Description The new description for the stage.

Deployment automation to

Deployment Automation only: Map the stage to Deployment Automation:

  • No Automation. Do not map this stage to Deployment Automation.

  • Pipeline. Select a Deployment Automation pipeline to map.

    A pipeline is a sequence of environments where an application process request is propagated.

  • Environment. Select a Deployment Automation environment to map.

    An environment represents logical deployment locations. Your deployment processes must run against at least one environment.

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